Naturally Supernatural Workshop

Two weeks ago our church hosted a workshop on helping people develop a paradigm for what it looks like to be "Naturally Supernatural."

God has a sense of humor.  He has given us a vision to do the three things that Jesus did (teaching the Kingdom, Healing, Deliverance) in what is historically, a very religious city that has not been open to these things. It is actually a lot of fun to do the works of the Father (John 10:38) in Greenville, South Carolina.  There is a great joy in helping people open up their minds to the idea that God does not just do Supernatural things overseas; but He also likes to do those same things in unlikely places.  However, we have to be opened to it.

Many different leaders from around the country joined us to calmly talk through why the Conservative church has been afraid to do the things Jesus did.  Our goal at this workshop was not to learn what Charismatic things are all about.  We simply set out to ask why Jesus spent so much time focusing on the things that we tend to ignore.  To me at least, it seems silly to say I am a passionate follower of Jesus and ignore healing and deliverance.  It literally makes zero sense to me.

During the workshop we learned more about the Kingdom, saw people healed, equipped many to do the works of The Father, and celebrated together this new wave that is crashing in on the Conservative minded church all over the world.

A new day is upon us.  Churches will begin to emerge that are passionate about the Spirit and the Word being in full operation as we fulfill His calling on our missions.  There will be a day real soon when it will be hard to remember when churches were closed off to the works of the Father.  That is my prayer at least.

Come and join us for our next Naturally Supernatural Workshop February 10-12, 2015 here at what will soon to be “Bridgeway Church.”  You will be glad you did.  It will be fun, light, challenging, and well worth it.

See you there.